“No one knows your darkness like your own shadow.”

*Due to the graphic nature of this article, discretion is advised. This post contains discussion of murder and abuse that some may find triggering or offensive.*

“Before Strode’s eyes sealed, he had one final thought: Those people didn’t just disappear. Teddy Blackwood was a murderer, a vile, merciless killer.” — Haley Newlin, Take Your Turn, Teddy

The sixties and seventies saw an immense change in how law enforcement investigated murders. Some of the most prolific and gruesome serial killers, like Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, and Richard Speck, lurked in highways, hiking trails, dark streets, and for some, even locked homes.

“Mourning can be incredibly freeing”

It is no secret that I struggle with mental health. There was a time, only a couple of years ago now that I attempted to conceal my anxious tics, my restless nerves, my ever-shaking hands, and the days that felt far more submerged than “low points.”

And I’m still learning.

In my first book, Not Another Sarah Halls, I faced only the first layer of my inner shadows. There was something more hidden underneath. Something far uglier. Something insidious.

It was anxiety and depression’s ghost — trauma.

I’ve said it before…

Haley Newlin - Author

Haley Newlin is a published horror author of Not Another Sarah Halls and Take Your Turn, Teddy.

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